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"Of all the people I spoke with about finding a counselor, I liked SWTRS the best; you were warm, respectful and non-judgmental and you encouraged me to ask for what I wanted." -SWTRS Client

As we grow we are continually faced with new challenges. Sometimes we find that old ways of coping no longer work for us. We may find ourselves becoming anxious or depressed. At these times we may decide to seek psychological help. A therapist can act as a guide in helping us to understand our reactions, solve problems, develop new skills, and change old behavior patterns.

(adapted with permission from "Creating a Different Future" by the Consortium for Psychotherapy)

What all skilled therapy has in common is the development of a safe, trusting relationship between client and therapist, empathic listening and thoughtful attention to the needs and desires of the client. Therapy is a complex process that varies with each client; it is not a set of simple "technologies" or procedures. Most therapists are able to work from more than one perspective and can use a variety of techniques depending on your needs.

When you call the Social Work Therapy Referral Service you may already know an approach or technique that works best for you, or you may wish to discuss this with the Referral Director. Members of our Referral Service have expertise in a wide range of approaches and techniques including cognitive therapy, grief counseling, psychoanalysis, family therapy, divorce mediation, sex therapy, hypnosis, EMDR, and many others. Using our database of professionals, we can help you find a therapist with training in an approach well suited to your particular concerns. Then you can speak with the therapist and decide whether the match feels right to you.

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