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We can connect you with social workers in Massachusetts who provide a range of services for the community, organizations, and professionals:

Speakers Bureau--Social workers are available to speak to professional and community groups on a variety of topics such as parenting, stress management, relationship skills, divorce, loss, and many more

Organizational Consultation-Social workers are available to come to your work place to help staff deal with team building or changes in the workplace such as lay-offs, death of a co-worker, or traumatic events.

Family Business Consultation-We can refer you to a clinical social worker knowledgeable about the particular problems faced by family members working together in a family business.

Professional and Personal Coaching-Many social workers are trained as coaches to help clarify goals and develop a plan of action to reach those goals; we can help you find a coach.

In-Service Training-Social workers are available to come to your work place to provide training on subjects such as managing stress, trauma, eating disorders, and other clinical issues.

Supervisory Consultation-Social workers with supervisory experience are available to consult with therapists about their clinical work.

Developing Your Private Practice-Experienced social workers are available to help clinicians start and develop a private practice.

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