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About Joining SWTRS

If you are a clinical social worker in private practice in Massachusetts we invite you to apply for membership in SWTRS. You must be an NASW member, licensed at the LICSW level and have malpractice insurance. Please contact us for information about the current membership fee. Membership fees are a tax-deductible expense, which pay for administrative, salary and marketing costs to run this non-profit public service.

The Social Work Therapy Referral Service (SWTRS) is a project of the National Association of Social Workers, Massachusetts Chapter. It is a free, nearly statewide referral service connecting inquiring professionals and prospective clients to qualified LICSWs in private practice. Guided by a volunteer Commission of NASW members, SWTRS is staffed by a team of three experienced LICSW clinicians. Potential clients or professionals may call SWTRS for referrals for individual, family or group psychotherapy.

We talk with every caller, determine the nature of the client's needs, and any special requests related to the prospective therapy: specialties, health insurance, fee adjustment, location, etc. We then give the names of one or two providers to the caller, sharing pertinent information about the provider's practice. All referrals are free. Clients are encouraged to call back if for any reason they cannot make compatible arrangements with a provider.

SWTRS provides a variety of valuable services to professionals and the community. Call us to find a therapist for yourself or a family member or a client. We can match you with a supervisory consultant or a supervision group. We offer reduced-fee therapy for social work students. SWTRS members can provide in-service training, organizational consultation, and help with developing and marketing your private practice. Through our Speakers Bureau we can suggest speakers for professional and community groups.

Contact us by telephone or e-mail to request an application or ask a question.

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