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"When I called the Referral Service, I felt confident and secure that I would be matched with the right therapist. The therapist was so great that I later referred a friend to her."
-SWTRS client

How We Help You Find a Therapist in Boston, MA

"Robert" was a lawyer who lived in the suburbs and worked in downtown Boston, MA. He had dealt with alcohol abuse issues for years, and felt that he needed to address the issue as it was negatively affecting his personal and professional life. He was unsure about how to find an appropriate therapist, and felt uncomfortable asking acquaintances for this type of referral.

Robert decided to do a web search to find ideas. He found that some individual therapists came up on his search, but he wasn't able to find details about their practices. He saw a listing online for the Social Work Therapy Referral Service, and when he visited the SWTRS website, he felt that this was just the kind of service he needed.

Robert called SWTRS and left a message, with some suggestions for times he could be reached during breaks in his work day. He was very pleasantly surprised when he received a call back during his lunch hour from a SWTRS staff member, an experienced clinical social worker herself.

The staff member made Robert feel at ease about sharing information about his situation and concerns. He felt relieved and hopeful after the conversation. Robert was not able to speak at length because of his work schedule. The staff member gathered all of the relevant information, and worked with Robert to find the best way to get back to him. She then looked at the SWTRS membership to find a therapist in Boston, MA, close to Robert's workplace. As planned with Robert, she called back and left a message on his cell phone voicemail with the names and numbers of two therapists in Boston with appropriate expertise.

Call for Therapy Referrals in Boston, MA

Call us. Our therapists bring to the Referral Service a broad range of experience, approaches and techniques.

Local: 617-720-2828
Toll Free: 800-242-9794
(you may also email us with your phone number and we'll call you back)

Please Note: SWTRS is not an emergency service; if you are suicidal or require immediate attention, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.


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