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"When I called the Referral Service, I felt confident and secure that I would be matched with the right therapist. The therapist was so great that I later referred a friend to her."
-SWTRS client

How We Help You Find a Therapist in Brookline, MA

"Laurie" from Brookline, MA was looking for a therapist for her 15-year-old daughter, who had been struggling with anxiety and possible symptoms of an eating disorder. She consulted her daughter's pediatrician, who suggested some therapists in the community. Laurie found that some of those therapists did not take her insurance, and others were all booked. One of them directed her to the Social Work Therapy Referral Service.

Laurie called SWTRS and left a message, and was thrilled when she received a return call within the hour from an SWTRS staff member, who was an experienced professional clinical social worker. The staff member gave Laurie a chance to describe the situation and background at length. She explored the issues, and obtained the relevant information about location, insurance, and other details.

Laurie felt that a therapist in or near Brookline would work best. Her daughter's school and activity schedule meant that she was only available to see a therapist in the late afternoon or evening. She passed along her daughter’s request for a female clinician who was on the younger side.

The staff member did a thorough search of the SWTRS database, and used her knowledge about members’ practices, to find two strong matches. Both were experienced clinicians who had years of experience working with adolescents, had expertise with anxiety and eating disorders, and matched the request for age and gender. In addition, both were in-network for the family's insurance, and listed available hours that matched those requested.

Laurie called both therapists, and chose the one who had the most convenient time available. She was able to bring her daughter in for her first appointment within a week. Mother and daughter both felt that it would be a good match, and they entered into therapy with Brookline therapist referred by SWRTS.

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Please Note: SWTRS is not an emergency service; if you are suicidal or require immediate attention, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.


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