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"When I called the Referral Service, I felt confident and secure that I would be matched with the right therapist. The therapist was so great that I later referred a friend to her."
-SWTRS client

How We Help You Find a Therapist in Cambridge, MA

Ms. Jackson, a social worker at a major Boston hospital, was working with a man who was inpatient after a recent diagnosis of a chronic illness. He and his wife were struggling to adjust to the realities of his condition. Ms. Jackson was able to see them together at the hospital for a few sessions while he was inpatient. They found that work very helpful, and were eager to continue after his discharge.

Ms. Jackson explained to the patient that she would not be available to them for long-term treatment. She also suggested that they might prefer to see a therapist closer to their home in Cambridge, MA, as the patientís condition made it difficult for him to travel.

Ms. Jackson emailed the Social Work Therapy Referral Service on behalf of the patient and his wife. She described the situation, background, and needs of the couple. She included all relevant information, including their insurance coverage and available days and times. She added that because of the patient's condition, he would need an office that was handicap accessible.

SWTRS staff was able to use the information provided by Ms. Jackson to find three therapists in Cambridge who looked like they would be a very good fit for the patient and his wife. All three were conveniently located, with accessible offices, and had expertise with medical issues and disability.

Ms. Jackson passed along the names and phone numbers of the therapists to the patient. She also gave them contact information for SWTRS, so that they could be in touch directly if they needed further help in identifying therapist professionals in the Cambridge and greater Boston area.

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